A doctor at the Opera

2010 was a good year for one our top international opera artists, mezzosoprano Ruxandra Donose. She had a large number of worldwide appearances, performances, recordings, new productions, press coverage, all praised by both audience and critics.

Despite this tight agenda the mezzo was in Bucharest this week, for professional reasons not so familiar to […]

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History of Romanian Comics

One of the many stories during this editorial project goes like this: Alexandru Ciubotariu was in Călăraşi for one day and, out of curiosity, he walked into a small art gallery which presented the painting exhibition of an artist who is little known to the young – Ion Bărbulescu B’Arg (1887-1969). A brief biographical note pointed out the fact that, for a while, his drawings appeared almost daily in local newspapers, with a mentioning of his work as an illustrator for children magazines as well. The information thus became essential for the endeavour undertaken by Alexandru Ciubotariu together with Dodo […]

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Roşia Montan㠖 The Curse of the Gold

foto: István Biró

A Voice Can Be Heard in the Mining Museum.

A house in multiple occupation in the ’50s, a church, Xerox copies, a bowl and several other signs-objects of transformations in the Roşia Montană area make up a tiered memory-installation. The interpretation space designed for the performance Roşia Montană / On Physical Line and Political Line (Hungarian State Theatre Cluj and dramAcum) is the model of a community where key locations are identified […]

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The One and Only Țâcă

foto: Radu Afrim

Constantin Cojocaru, as the wonderful actor everybody knows as “Țâc㔠appears in documents told us many yarns. We started from his newest role, the one he plays in „The Avalanche”, a performance that marks his sixth collaboration with director Radu Afrim, and then got, going from one „world” to another, to countries he loves, to castles, museums, theatre halls, and especially taverns where we certainly didn’t get bored. “Warmed up” at the […]

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Circles of History

A sheet-metal covered bunker, built by stage designer Judit Dobre-Kóthay like a metal Colosseum, with a grand and cold atmosphere, which involves terror and violence and fierceness, becomes a place to study history mechanisms. The brain keeper of the secrets and rules according to which political game are played teaches students a lesson in applied politics starting with Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Dictatorship, conspiracy, revolution, counterrevolution, wicked leaders who kill by thousands like in computer games – this is material for the study of the students. The crippled professor (Răzvan Mazilu) helps them understand the algorithms followed by history’s cyclical patterns in antiquity or nowadays. Obviously, the Renaissance text changes at the National Theatre in Timisoara, in […]

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Interview with Yvonne BÜDENHÖLZER

Director  of the Stückemarkt (Play Market) within the Berlin Theatretreffen:

“I have the feeling that there is at present a new generation of creators in Romania”

Yvonne Büdenhölzer is the Artistic Director of the Stückemarkt (Play Market) in the Theatretreffen Festival in Berlin (the German counterpart of the National Theatre Festival in Romania). Stückemarkt (Play Market) […]

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An Exemplary Story: Ben Affleck, The Town

The Town (2010)Directed by Ben Affleck

One can wonder how many people would still associate in 2010 Ben Affleck’s name with the young and promising co-author of the script for Gus van Sant’s Good Will Hunting, surprisingly winning the Academy Award for Best Screenplay together with his longtime buddy Matt Damon back in 1997. […]

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Facebook’s Personal History

The Social Network (directed by David Fincher, with a screenplay by Aaron Sorkin) is the movie that many American critics have placed first in 2010 and that they considers as favourite for the Academy Awards.

When I saw it, I knew all this. Just as I knew that the story was about Mark Zuckerberg, a brilliant and autistic Harvard student, who revolutionized the world and turned it into a perfect network of profiles / virtual individuals.

Director David Fincher no longer needs any introduction. Whether it’s Seven, The Game, Fight Club, Panic Room or Zodiac, he knows better than anyone to build minute recompositions, skilfully and sometimes sadistically manipulate his audience, create suspense and to enter the minds of serial killers. […]

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“Larry The King” has retired from television

The legend of CNN television, Larry King has retired a few days ago after 25 years of activity. The show “Larry King Live”, started in 1985, has gathered year after year millions of viewers and has been declared the CNN’s most watched talk show.

On Tuesday, […]

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„Larry The King” s-a retras din televiziune

Legenda postului de televiziune CNN, Larry King, s-a retras zilele trecute după 25 de ani de activitate. Emisiunea „Larry King Live”, începută în anul 1985 a strâns ani la rând milioane de telespectatori şi a fost declarată cea mai urmarită emisiune din grila de programe CNN.


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