A Congenial Account on a Small Diamond: The Imaginary Invalid, after Molière (Vienna Children’s Theatre, Cluj Napoca)

Theatre performances made children companies always touch me. They are my small weakness as they remind me of my school years and my punctiliousness in preparing each sketch or theatre performance I was involved in, but also of the dedication of my students when we made a theatre performance together. In such performances the audience’s […]

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The 20th National Theatre Festival 2010 – A Step Ahead In theatre?

Bits of Recollection From a Highest Level Festive Marathon

“Pull yourself together … I know too well how easily you can deviate when looking at life through a single window. Please don’t do that. We have a goal to reach. We must understand reality. Take part in everyday life… so to speak” (the quote is an approximate reproduction […]

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Ion Gavrilă Ogoranu Deserved a Real Movie. Unfortunately, It Was Not Meant To Be…

I left the screening of the film “Portrait of the Fighter as a Young Man”, directed by Constantin Popescu Jr., in deep sadness; and not because the film sparked terrible emotion, but precisely because it did not happen. The partisans in the mountains and their guerrilla fighting against the secret police and […]

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Leonid Dimov’s Books of the “Ripe Age”

Leonid Dimov, Poetry Works, Vol II, The Book of Dreams. Heavenly Signs. Eleusis. Openings. Recollections. At the End, Edition and introduction by Ion Bogdan Lefter, Parallel 45 Publishing, Piteşti, 2010, 336 p.

Leonid Dimov’s work is not easy to split into “stages”: with a late debut, at 40 years old, the […]

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Zsolt Bogdán – A Feast of an Actor

On the other hand, after a long silence, caused by the endless errands, a lot of thoughts have come to me like…

There are actors that speech (my) critical-descriptive can only approached in reserve. It’s like when you analyse a poem (assuming that anyone is still doing it nowadays) and, if you further too much […]

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Berliner Diary: Ivo Wessel Collection (II)

I was writing in a recent review about the Collection Boros I had the opportunity to visit fellow art critics, curators and cultural journalists around the world who came to Berlin for almost a week at the invitation of the German Federal Republic within the Visitors Program. Contemporary Art in Germany, a […]

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The Visible Spectator – The Power to Watch (Oneself)

Let us start with the etymological definition that places us within the spectator status. Spectator – lat. spectator, spectare – to look at, to watch

The act of confrontation with live bodies on stage (stage meaning here by multiple spaces where the performance may take place), by instituting a device of the look, […]

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A Detail for Each Character: Călin Peter Netzer, Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor (Medalia de onoare) (2009)

Directed by Călin Peter Netzer

Judging by the two films directed by Călin Peter Netzer so far, his recent Medal of Honor and his debut feature film, Maria, who passed almost unnoticed back in 2003, all he […]

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The silence of a golden voice

Her biggest success, as her husband recounts, was as Madama Butterfly, at Wiener Staatsoper, when audience acclaimed her with lengthy standing ovations. Unfortunately, at just 39, she chose to say farewell to life, as Puccini’s heroine who brought her international glory.

Roxana Briban was remarked from her student years, as an exceptional voice. After […]

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Courtesan Inclinations in Romanian National Television Newscast

For a while, the only news somewhat objective were to be found on the Romanian National Television,  and their newscast could be described as the acceptable mirror of the unacceptable Romanian realities. Unfortunately, ethical drifts in the public television have become the natural state of things in recent months. If the situation seemed under control […]

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