I’ll Be a King, an Emperor!

Definitely, “Maria Filotti” Theatre in Brăila could be given as a good example for the perseverance with which provided the young with all its forces during the past decade. And the results were among the most spectacular. Let us remember stagings by Radu Apostol, Mariana Cămărășan, Radu Nechifor, Chris Nedea and even Radu Afrim, […]

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Masterful Sylvie Guillem in Bucharest

Credit foto: Johan Persson

This very year, when financial crisis bites deeply into Romanian pockets, JTI Meetings, top cultural event present in Bucharest during the past decade, gathered on Friday, 22 October, at the National Theatre, the all ballet lovers in the capital city. Before the performance, the price of a ticket […]

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Audience Education Through Contemporary Text

Can a theatre festival develop and educate an audience? Can it create direct contact with the space of contemporary thought? Can it be more than an exclusive cultural act? To what extend is theatre walking out of the halls and cultivates a certain relation to the society we’re living in? Can a contemporary festival […]

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Joseph Beuys. Parallel Processes

K20 – Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen has a nearly fifty years long history, as the institution was opened in 1961, when 88 works by Paul Klee were purchased. The collection extended thanks to the efforts of the founding director, Werner Schmalenbach, and of his successor, Armin Zweite, until it became one of the major regional collections […]

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From the Media Mutant Gallery: Valentin Stan

At the beginning of the 2000s, I believe, when Romanian television was just discovering the pleasure of the cruses between “talk” and “show”, an individual somewhat different made his appearance. Not regularly, but with quite disarming confidence and sufficiency. Because of his structural edginess and pathos, a lock of hair would fall over his […]

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Mr. Vertigo Travelling to Zagreb

I recently attended a Literature Festival in Zagreb, together with seven Romanian writers. As for any travels, I brought along a book. This time it was Paul Auster’s Mr. Vertigo, the novel published in 2004 by Paralela 45 Publishing, in the translation of the poet Sorin Gherguț. I cannot say […]

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27 octombrie – 3 noiembrie 2010

Institutul Cultural Român, New York, SUA

Până pe 30 octombrie 2010

DAN PERJOVSCHI: The Institute Drawing

Locaţie: San Francisco Art Institute and Walter and McBean Galleries, CA


Până pe 3 aprilie 2011

Between East […]

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Joseph Beuys. Parallel Processes

Istoria K20 – Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen aproape că împlineşte cincizeci de ani, debutul instituției având loc în 1961 odată cu achiziționarea a 88 de lucrări de Paul Klee. Colecția s-a amplificat grație eforturilor directorului fondator, Werner Schmalenbach, şi a succesorului său, Armin Zweite, devenind astfel una dintre cele mai puternice colecții regionale ale Germaniei. […]

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Săptămâna 28 octombrie – 3 noiembrie 2010

1. „Joia sub felinare”, Ioan Onişor & Ionuţ Mangu, 28 octombrie 2010, Irish Music Pub, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj

Sunteţi aşteptaţi la „Toamna à la Cluj –  mozaic de muzică bună în format acustic” cu  Ioan Onişor şi Ionuţ Mangu. Alături de cei doi artişti vor mai urca pe scenă […]

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Călcâiul lui Ahile: David Fincher, The Social Network

Reţeaua de socializare (The Social Network) (2010)

Regia: David Fincher

Primul deceniu al secolului XXI e pe terminate. Nu ne-o spun doar calendarele, ne-o aminteşte şi un film ca The Social Network al lui Fincher. Ideea filmului e una cât se […]

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