Ravenhill – Klata

The Private Field of Panic

An acid director that absorbs the explosive political transformations, which are materialised in rock bands and punk infiltrations, Jan Klata, born in 1973 at Varşovia, is one of the most trenchant Polish creators, who is both frenetically awarded and criticized. Krystian Lupa’s assistant, Klata and […]

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An Interview with the Dramaturge and Director Andreea VĂLEAN

“When I want to whistle, I whistle“ offers very good and powerful parts for the young artists

The film made by Florin Şerban and based upon Andreea Vălean ’s work When I want to whistle, I whistle won last week The Golden Bear at the Film Festival from Berlin. Andreea Vălean […]

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Bergman via Brecht

Foto Istvan Biro

Andrei Serban introduces the “cinematic theater” paradigm on the Romanian stage

Beginning with the first moment of this experience, the spectator becomes aware that something is being prepared for him. Even before climbing the stairs to the newly opened studio of the Hungarian Theater in Cluj, […]

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The Godfather, The Prize, and a Diva

This time I could bet on anything, because I am certain that you cannot guess of what godfather I am talking about. Besides, the institution is as influential and as involved within the Romanian public sphere as it can be. Everybody sided with the right person, but, what I found out from […]

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Hopes with Fish and Spangles

Un șir de căsuțe de mahala, cu uși „originale”, din lemn, adunate de pe la demolări, stau de o parte și de alta, într-un unghi care speculează adîncimea scenei. Naturalețea lor crește prin textura caldă și autentică a lemnului. De multă vreme montarea unui regizor de viziune nu a folosit un decor atît […]

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Gina Pane – a Concise Portrait

Presented on February 25, at the French Institute, within the monthly programme “The Images’ Workshop” (second season, 6th episode) the video film Discours mou et mat occasions the presentation of Gina Pane’s portrait (1939 – 1990). The movie presents one of the artist’s performances that took place at Galeria De Appel in July […]

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Dabija’ s Eggs

This week, The Youth’s Theatre from Piatra Neamţ is in a tour at Odeon in Bucharest, thus it is submitting to the judgement of the „capitalists” its latest productions. Monday and Thursday, after Afrim’s public was greatly rewarded with the production Herr Paul, in which the actor Cezar Antal had an overwhelming role, […]

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Ada Hausvater – director and theatre constructor in Romania

The Ascension of the National Theatre form Timişoara: New Acting Spaces, Contemporary productions- a performance by Petru Vutcărău

Ada Hausvater, a Romanian constructor when referring to theatre, pays homage to the position she has during her last year of the present mandate, at the management of the […]

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Gina Pane: scurt portret

Prezentat în 25 februarie la Institutul Francez, în cadrul programului lunar „Atelierul imaginilor” (al doilea sezon, episodul şase), filmul video Discours mou et mat prilejuieşte creionarea unui portret al Ginei Pane (1939 – 1990). Filmul înregistrează un performance al artistei, desfăşurat în Galeria De Appel în 28 iulie 1975, rolul camerei fiind aici […]

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Geta Brătescu: jurnalul artistei

Geta Brătescu, Copacul din curtea vecină, Fundaţia Culturală Secolul 21, Bucureşti, 2009, 270 p.

Extraordinara artistă Geta Brătescu, unul dintre cele mai radical experimentale spirite creative din cultura română contemporană, la cei aproape 84 de ani ai săi, graficiană, pictoriţă, autoare de colaje, video-uri, instalaţii, performance-uri şi […]

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