You are the Show

Politics is the show. The political discourse transfers a spectacular rhetoric, with all its emotional and persuasive thresholds activated, into the public medium of emersion. The public appearances from within the political frame of reference have a dramaturgy with evolutionary levels that are clearly determined. They have a staging, which takes into consideration […]

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Weekend Televiewer

The political debates fell into an unbearable ridicule last week. I tried to stay away form any form of energetic attack, the purple flames that raise or put you down, witches, paranormal phenomena and visions that were chipping in with their opinions on TV. What is too much is too much…that’s it…

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The Versatility of the Emotional Tissues

I am not the partisan of personal parenthesis or of the excess of personal touch in theatrical chronicles, literary chronicles etc, but I must confess that at Fanny Ardant’s production I had one of the few out- bursts of nationalism. Seeing how professional the French actress was on the stage, I said to […]

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Petite histoire

The book, that I am going to talk anout and which is going to be released on the 10th of February at The Possible Gallery in Bucharest, presents an uninhibited look at the vernacular photography from Romania. The authors’ approach (Magda Radu, Oana Tănase, Nicu Ilfoveanu, Eugen Gustea şi Matei Câlția) doesn’t look […]

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Cries in a whisper

A new meeting between the director Andrei Şerban and the cast of the Hungarian Theatre form Cluj has given birth to an overwhelming chronicle of a masterpiece: Cries and Whispers.

In a subjective”re-make” the production refashions the interior course […]

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An interview with the actor and director Alexandru MIHĂESCU

“The Last Hours of Ceauşescu’s Life”- the wish to find new forms of expression in the political theatre.An actor nominated for the UNITER prize, with a degree in cultural management and experience in staging, Alexandru Mihăescu acts in The Last Hours of Ceauşescu’s Life, a performance hosted by numerous […]

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Started in the fall of the year 2007, Inspired, the contest of ideas dedicated to the young creative artists interested in visual arts, photography, architecture, fashion design and accessories presented, at the beginning of December last year, the winners of the 3rd edition for the categories Fashion Photo, Fashion Design, Architecture, Dramaturgy, Accessories […]

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Interviu cu actorul şi regizorul Alexandru MIHĂESCU

„Ultimele ore din viaţa lui Ceauşescu” – dorinţa de a găsi forme noi de exprimare în teatrul politic

Actor nominalizat la premiile UNITER, cu studii în management cultural şi experienţă în regie, Alexandru Mihăescu joacă în „Ultimele ore din viaţa lui Ceauşescu”, un spectacol găzduit de […]

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Despre strigăte în şoaptă

O nouă întâlnire dintre regizorul Andrei Şerban şi trupa Teatrului Maghiar din Cluj a dat naştere unei cronici tulburătoare a unei capodopere: „Strigăte şi şoapte”.

Într-un making of subiectiv, spectacolul reface traseul interior al filmului intrat în legendă al […]

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Tu reprezinţi spectacolul

Politica e spectacol. Discursul politic transferă o retorică spectaculară, cu toate pragurile emoţionale şi persuasive active, în mediul de imersie public. Apariţiile din mediul de referinţă politic au o dramaturgie cu niveluri de evoluţie clar stabilite. Au o regie care ţine cont de strategia teatralităţii elaborate. Contactul-conract politic se stabileşte între un emiţător […]

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