An interview with the director Vlad MASSACI

„I don’t know if Hamlet must be dressed in jeans or in …Hamlets.”

You have recently staged “The Anniversary” at Nottara, after a script written by Thomas Vinterberg (and Mogens Rukov) for the inaugural production of the protest movement The Dogma 95, which he started together with the director Lars […]

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Mini Theatrical Season for Christmas at the Hungarian Theatre from Cluj

What can be the sublime gift that a theatre can offer to its faithful audience during this important Christian celebration and on the verge of the New Year’s Eve; evidently, that the art that it has conceived throughout the year, which is now slowly fading away. And why wouldn’t he do it, since […]

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Trustworthy today, a beast tomorrow

foto by: Ciprian Iorgu

The most recent première at The Youthful Theatre from Piatra Neamț, The Soldiers, by Zalan Tibor in Szabo K. Istvan’s staging, is one of the few telling Romanian productions, which is exchanging views on serious themes, with a theatrical conflict and essence. The text, of the Hungarian […]

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The End of the World. A Film by Aurelia Mihai

Aurelia Mihai’s recent film- City of Bucur (2009) is meant to be a part, next to two other productions- Transhumance,2007….and The Moldavian one, 2008- of a pseudo- narrative trilogy capable of entrusting our understanding with the traditions and legends of a world that is about to disappear. This time the foremost presence is […]

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Inside the Small Cottage of Tales

Unfolded in a warm, playful and asymmetrical setting, as if taken from Hundertwasser, the fifth edition of the International Festival of Animation Theatre, has really secured its European dimension through the six representations invited from the UE countries. Within the festival there was also a production from Israel and eleven Romanian productions, among […]

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A piece of “light” morbid

This is what Radu Afrim offers his audience from Brăila, in the production entitled The soul. Points of view: a plate filled with a bitter potion and eyes, where the number one ingredient is death.

Evidently it is about the death of a Bulgarian emigrant, for whom his friends keep vigil: […]

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Mini-season at the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj, December 12-18

Distinct voices, different visions: the mini-season programmed for the first half of December at the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj wasn’t just a necessary summary of a prodigiously prolific year, but also the perfect occasion for comparing, as a viewer, different ways of understanding classic texts. Among the six plays staged during a week, […]

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Sfârşitul lumii. Un film de Aurelia Mihai

Recentul film al Aureliei Mihai, City of Bucur (2009) este gândit să constituie împreună cu alte două piese (Transhumanța, 2007; … şi cel moldovean, 2008) o trilogie pseudo-narativă capabilă să încredințeze înțelegerii noastre cutume şi legende desprinse dintr-o lume ce stă să dispară. De această dată, centrală devine prezența lui „Bucur”, încarnare contemporană […]

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Suprarealităţi de sezon

Se împlinesc 20 de ani de la revoluția din decembrie 1989. Ninsoarea căzută peste țară pare mai importantă, cel puțin pentru moment. Știriștii vorbesc întruna despre povestea asta de iarnă. Care se repetă în fiecare an. Și vine ca o mană cerească pentru jurnalele tv.

Printre flăcări mov și aburi de […]

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Microstagiune la Teatrul Maghiar de Stat Cluj – 12-18 decembrie

Voci distincte, viziuni diferite: microstagiunea programată de Teatrul Maghiar din Cluj la mijlocul lunii decembrie nu a fost doar o necesară recapitulare a unui an prolific, ci şi ocazia perfectă pentru a distinge, din scaunul spectatorului, diverse moduri de a înţelege un text consacrat. Din cele şase piese, doar Născut pentru niciodată este […]

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