Principalele momente ale Galei UNITER 2009

Premiile UNITER – cele mai prestigioase distincţii ce răsplătesc excelenţa în teatrul romănesc – au fost decernate în seara zilei de 27 aprilie 2009, în studioul 3 al TVR. Amfitrionul Galei a fost, ca în fiecare an, actorul Ion Caramitru, preşedinte al Uniunii Teatrelor din Romănia.

Au fost acordate 23 de premii. Lista completă a […]

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Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid

A trans-disciplinary festival initiated in 1997 under the form of a debate forum of contemporary themes and a jumping board for promoting film artists and creators, Rencontres Internationales won in time the trust and support of some solid institutions in the present cultural scenery. Madrid appeared on the map of this action only in 2007, […]

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For Easter as at a Vanity Fair

It would seem that year there was a more hysteric TV Easter than before. And, in the end, it seems to as normal as possible, when the world is burning, for us to compete in bringing sacred light with several planes, to mix the electoral campaign with the church, to not get away anymore from […]

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The Wedding of the Soul with Eczema

Ruxandra Cesereanu biologically belongs to the string of women poets who have made themselves noticed especially in the 80’s, putting to good use an Dionysian, phantasmagorical, absurd, grotesque, metaphysical, funeral, quivering imaginary. For a long time I refused to take part in this lyrical solidarity, in the case of the poet, because of my proximity […]

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Interview with the director and playwright Alexandra BADEA

„I don’t want to force meetings in theatre”

Alexandra Badea just gave the premiere of her second show in Timişoara, „Cum traversează Barbie criza mondială” („How Barbie Rafts Across the World Crisis” – n.t.), on a text by Mihaela Michailov, and in autumn she will stage „Contrôle d’identité”, her own text, at the Theatre […]

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The 25th Zagreb Music Biannual

The 25th Zagreb Music Biannual (ZMB) from April 17th – 26th 2009 under the slogan „Art and Politics”

Even beginning with 2007, with the re-taking of Croatia’s negotiations for integration in the EU, KulturForum Europa (KFE) came with the clear and positive initiative for Croatia to be recognised as being part of the European […]

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In Vienna, in the Interbellic

With the latest premiere, Povestiri din pădurea vieneză (Tales from the Viennese Forest – n.t.), by Ödön von Horváth, the Tomcsa Sándor Theatre in Odorheiu Secuiesc launches out to sea an equation for success: a quality, dramatically round, which brought the author the Kleist Award in 1932, plus a novel combination in the case […]

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A 25-a Bienală de muzică Zagreb

A 25-a Bienală de muzică Zagreb (BMZ) din 17-26 aprilie 2009 sub sloganul „Artă şi politică”

Încă din 2007, odată cu reluarea negocierilor de integrare a Croaţiei în UE, KulturForum Europa (KFE) a venit cu iniţiativa clară şi pozitivă de a se recunoaşte Croaţia ca fiind parte a reunirii europene şi de a fi integrată […]

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Lost in the Fun House

The postmodern period in American short-fiction, though short lived, gave way to some extremely interesting texts, an example of which is John Barth’s Lost in the Funhouse. John Barth is a novel, short story and essay writer who became known for his research on postmodern fiction and meta-fiction and from the 50’s to present day […]

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Pierdut în casa de distracţii

Perioada postmodernistă în povestirea scurtă americană, deşi pe o perioadă scurtă, a scos la iveală câteva texte extrem de interesante, un exemplu fiind Lost in the Fun House (Pierdut în casa de distracţii). John Barth este un prozator şi un eseist care s-a făcut cunoscut pentru cercetările sale în ficţiunea post-modernă şi în meta-ficţiune, iar […]

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